Net Classic Hits

Welcome to our abode. We want to offer you a novel way to listen to the classic hits and album cuts from the late Sixties all the way through to the early Eighties - you know - the time in music when songs were made to last - songs you know by heart and others you'll enjoy as well.

You can choose between listening to us as if we were a small town radio station somewhere in Central Iowa and get all the local news, weather, sports and commercials that comes with that kind of station. It's like comfort food for your ears. Just don't refer to it as Green Acres and we'll be okay - otherwise Mr. Haney may show up at your doorstep trying to sell you Toledo or something... You can also get all the current local news, weather and sports too by clicking on the button below that will take you to Local Iowa page of this website.

Or you can have what's behind Door #2 and go for the international version of the same presentation. There will be some limited disc jockey talk but the music will be the thing - you know "free range" without any hormones or additives...

You see we have this deal with Radio Loyalty and they supply the player that makes all this work. So once you mash either button to get to the music then everything works out fine. The hamster gets to spinning the wheel which causes the music to start playing and Radio Loyalty is happy and there is peace in the valley, the farm is saved and everything is made right for truth, justice and the American (Radio) way.

You can also listen to either version using the TuneIn Radio app on your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry). So you can take us with you just about anywhere.

You get the best blend of stone cold smash hits from that era as well as album cuts from your favorite artists and groups. While certain memories of that time of your life may fade on you, the music never will.